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I am Austrian born and raised and now also an American naturalized citizen. I grew up listening to the world news on radio every day at breakfast, and had the dream to inspire people around the world with my music when I was still a kid growing up with 5 siblings in the middle of the Austrian Alps. Now I live in NYC. My heart breaks with every missile and drone that is being dropped killing civilians, every refugee that is being denied entrance, every religion, race or human being discriminated, every child that is dying of thirst and hunger, every girl and woman that is being raped or sold... Not until we as ONE human race come together to eradicate poverty and war and create peace, equality and justice will my work be done to speak up and out. I oppose the current US president and its administration. I assure you that I am one of many people in this country fighting the good fight! And we will not step down or give up! For a better future for our children and the world!

love & blessings Rose Bartu

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FREEDOM © music & lyrics by Rose Bartu

freedom, freedom for all

She’s arrived all alone, violins in the moonlight

She’s seen pain, escaped her grief, seen no color lines, still the world passes her by

Burning inside, her soul is bleeding, is there a way we all can succeed

freedom, freedom for all

Now her dreams ring in her heart

Trust and strength she owns, stops to smell the wild rose

Burning inside, justice she’s seeking, only through love we all can succeed

 Together we move on, diverse we are strong

As one human race , God gives us grace

freedom, freedom for all, freedom, justice for all

Let’s listen to each other, forgive for a bright future

We pray for peace around the globe, we all we all we all belong

Together we move on, diverse we are strong

As one human race, God gives us grace

freedom, freedom for all, freedom, human rights for all

freedom, freedom for all, freedom, once and for all



Produced by Steve Greenwell