She’s like Sia, Sade & Bjork with a violin.

I hope you have enjoyed catching up with me and my journey! Today I want to share with you about the amazing opportunity to support me finishing up my new EP with Steve Greenwell! When you pre-order my new EP, you get not only my whole Destiny album as a free download, but you will also be able to catch up on my exclusive behind-the-scene videos and pictures I have sent out so far, and you will get all the new ones straight into your inbox! You will be among the very first ones to get all news and to get the whole EP with the 4-5 new songs produced by Steve Greenwell!

Go to my Pledgemusic Crowd Fundraising page to watch the video and to my store to check out all the cool, unique and exclusive offers! These will stay available until I finish the music! Then I will close the store to distribute the EP and all the orders. Don't miss out of this opportunity!

In addition you will help me heal the world beyond my musical impact: 10% of everything I raise above my 100% will go to the David Lynch Foundation to help abused women! Thank you!

Love love love Rose Bartu

… dazzles crowds with genre-bending compositions with mixed rock, funk, classical, new age, world fusion, and experimental-folk explosions of sonic beauty…. Nothing is amiss here.
— Matthew Forss, Inside World Music