Dear lovely friends around the world,

this year has been a very emotional year for all of us! The changes in the world are frightening and I can feel the pain of so many, those close to me and those I am not personally connected to around the world. In spirit we are all connected! And if people are suffering it effects us all!

I was participating in the elections of presidents for Austria and the USA this year. I became a prouder Austrian and a less proud American :( I pray as this year comes to a close that 2017 will bring the world closer together, and that WE PEOPLE will have the courage to stand up for what is right for humanity and the world.

Personally I am looking back to a year of major positive changes. Most importantly I started working with the mazing Steve Greenwell, which is the best thing that has happened to me as an artist so far! I wanted to work with a producer, who I trusted my songs with and felt confident could create something unique with me, for many many years. As they say: when the student is ready the teacher shows up. It took all these years to grow into the artist I became to attract a producer with his experience (his records sold over 15 million times), who could see for me what I dared to dream. We started working in June and he pushed me for 6 months until he thought I was ready to record with him in the studio! I have to remind myself he is used to working with such amazing artists like Joss Stone, Diane Birch and Andy Grammer, and he expects for me to step my game up to get closer to my full potential. His name is on the line, and he will not release anything less than internationally competitive and relevant. It is a huge honor and responsibility that I get to work with him! THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible by pre-ordering the EP and other offers in my online store HERE! I will raise $9,000 more to cover all costs related to my EP, healing the world one song at a time :-) Please support in any way you can!

The last two weeks we finally recorded my vocals, piano and strings for FREEDOM, my first song he produced! Being in the studio is like heaven on earth for me! This was the first time I had a producer pushing me to my best possible performance! I had that one chance and day (an 11h session) to get my piano part and my vocals right for FREEDOM! I was so incredibly exhausted at the end. I could only finish with my sheer willpower. 

What I love the most about Steve is that he keeps pushing me to keep growing! It can be tough and it is very humbling, but ultimately I can't wish for anything better: someone who cares and sees way beyond of what I can see for myself and won't ever be satisfied until he feels I am stepping into my full potential! This is just the beginning!

As I am getting ready to roll out my new sound and brand - which I can't wait to do - Steve also recommended to change from Roswitha (my first name) to Rose Bartu (my first and last names shortened). After a few days of thinking about it I am super excited to start with a clean slate! Rose Bartu was the name I used when I first moved to NYC, it represented a new start and many new possibilities! I ended up changing my name with each new musical direction. It would have never occurred to me to go back to Rose Bartu, but now it feels like I am coming full circle! I am starting to step into my unique path and sound as an artist and returning to the name that represented all my dreams as I am stepping into fulfilling them!

2017 will be a new beginning for me, a fresh start! I can't wait to share my first single FREEDOM with you, my appeal for forgiveness and peace, and my anthem for freedom, justice and human rights for all!

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey! My desire is that I will be able to reach, empower and inspire all of you and a lot more people around the world! I know the song is more current than I would want it to be.

The world needs hope and love! And that's what I am wishing and sending you for the New Year! May it be the best year of your life, as I expect it to become the best year of my life :-)

love love love from your Rose Bartu :-)