... Because of Rose, after all the years of covering other people’s songs, I was able to write my very first song. I did not think I could do it... I felt uplifted with her and the course was upbeat and very detailed... Come aboard and allow her to inspire you to greatness...
— Marilyn Charles aka Lady Venus, calypso artist, the Mighty Sparrow, Chaka Khan, Percy Sledge

FREE BONUS: Lifetime access! You get to re-take the course and all future polished versions, even when the price goes up, for FREE!


Who this course is for:

  • Have you ever dreamed of writing a song for a loved one?

  • Are you stopped finishing up a song or starting a new one? Do you want to benefit from an experiential course and a supportive environment?

  • Are you a songwriter or performing artist? Do you want to step outside your box, get feedback and input?

  • You don’t need to have any musical experience or play an instrument!

Who this course is not for:

  • Someone who expects the promised outcomes without putting any work into the course. You will get a lot from being in the program nevertheless, and doing the worksheets will give you the results I promise!

  • If you don’t want to be part of an empowering community and are not willing to try out something new.

The goal of the course:

Everyone will finish at least one song that transforms an area in her/his life, creating freedom of self-expression. This is not your normal songwriting course, it is a LIVE course lead by an experienced artist/teacher. It is the first iteration, the inaugural full-length course. I can adjust the curriculum to YOUR abilities and needs.

Total Value: $3,350+ 💸

Get 7x the value of Your investment: $497

📅 New start date tba 💸


We respect your email privacy

... Rose is a wonderful instructor. She gave us some really helpful tools and techniques to help us in our songwriting process. I would highly recommend this course for anyone from all the way from a beginner up to someone who is really looking to get to the next level of mastery in their songwriting.
— Ed Kalpas


I am Rose Bartu, an international singer/songwriter, violinist and producer based in NYC, originally from Austria. My single Freedom from my upcoming EP received close to 500,000 plays on Spotify, and my last self-produced album Destiny was accepted in 10 categories on the Grammy ballots. I am also an Adjunct Professor at Long Island University, Brooklyn campus (vocals, violin, piano). I am so excited to finally fulfill my dream of taking people around the world on an intimate journey of songwriting, to contribute to their quality of life by creating FREEDOM of self-expression. Welcome to the inaugural version of my FREEDOM through Songwriting Course! I would love for you to join us!

Here's how the syllabus breaks down:

Classroom 1: Writer’s mindset; song titles

Classroom 2: Diving into your original theme; song ideas (lyrics & melodies)

Classroom 3: Self-expression; reflect on your favorite songs

Classroom 4: The building blocks of a song: bass, chord progressions & beat; ear training/transcribing

Classroom 5: The building blocks of a song: A deeper dive into chord progressions; music theory for songwriters

Classroom 6: LIVE feedback session

Total Value: $3,350+ 💸

Get 7x the value of Your investment: $497

📅 New start date tba 💸


... a lot of structure and a room for flexibility. I loved how she figured out what we needed and put it into the course as we went along. That was super cool to have a customized experience... I left with the freedom to experiment and discover and play... I didn’t know where to start before... I totally recommend this course. I think it is great and it will meet you wherever you are in your journey of writing songs...
— Stefanie Rennert

Here's how I'll deliver it:

  • *Six 90 minutes LIVE Video Trainings (Five of those Wednesdays, 7pm EST) Value: $1,800

  • *Three 60 minutes Q+A Sessions (on Fridays, time tba, depends on the location of students) Value: $600

  • One private 45’ video feedback session with me, Rose Bartu, the course creator, during the course! Value: $150

  • Weekly worksheets Value: $800

  • Regular support from my team, the community (other participants) & myself on our closed and sacred Facebook group. Value: Priceless!

  • One Accountability Songwriter (30’ weekly calls are encouraged!) Value: Priceless!

  • *All trainings and Q&As will be recorded, you can watch them again or catch up if you miss one!

Total Value: $3,350+ 💸

Get 7x the value of Your investment: $497

📅 New start date tba 💸


... was so empowering and inspiring... It was really special. There was such an intimate and safe environment. Rose really made sure we all felt safe. She did everything to support us. She is so so dedicated... with the right tools, with the right strategies it can be done! ...
— Michal Nagar


And there is more, BONUSES!

  • FREE BONUS: Lifetime access! You get to re-take the course and all future polished versions, even when the price goes up!

  • FREE BONUS: Surprise gift when you finish “The Field Trip” in our closed Facebook Group.

  • PAID BONUS for an additional $100: Instant personal access to me through VOXER throughout the length of the course! It is a Walkie Talkie App on your phone, with which you can send voice & text messages and receive a fast response directly from me! Value: Priceless! If you want to take advantage of VOXER access to Rose Bartu please pay HERE ONLY!

This is an inaugural course, which means there are no pre-recorded videos. I am teaching you LIVE, just like my university students. This course is all about supporting you intimately to give you TANGIBLE RESULTS! As the founding students you get to say how it goes. I adjust the course to your personal needs. The last thing you need is more information overload without guidance! It is a unique opportunity for you to help shape this course, so we can make sure it’s right for you!

As a THANK YOU for being an early adopter, you’ll get free lifetime access to this course in the future 😁

I can’t wait to watch you grow as a songwriter & see you break through in FREEDOM THROUGH SONGWRITING - The Keys to unlocking YOUR inner Songwriter and transforming YOUR Life!

love love love Rose Bartu

Do you still have questions? Email me at rose@rosebartu.com, or chat with me on the FB chat here!

Some Benefits:

This course…

  • improves confidence as a songwriter and helps overcome writer’s block.

  • grants a supportive community that helps you to get started or re-inspired as a songwriter.

  • will transform areas in your life through songwriting, which can lead to unexpected breakthroughs.

  • helps you find your unique voice and self-expression as a songwriter and in life.

  • improves your self-love.

  • increases the ability to value your life as it is.

  • improves your confidence to make choices and decisions in your life.

  • improves your musical skills with fun and ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no music experience and don’t play an instrument, can I join the program? Yes, absolutely! All you need is a desire to learn, a willingness to open yourself up to new information, to contribute to the closed Facebook group by sharing your experience and to do the homework. You get out of it what you put in! I will teach you everything you need to write a song.

I am busy, how much time will I need to invest? Between the live trainings, the Q&A sessions, your homework and engagements in the group, you should expect to spend somewhere between three and four hours per week on the course. Having said that, this is not your normal songwriting course and not for everyone. My commitment is that you experience more FREEDOM in your life by going through an experiential process. The confidential and closed community on our closed Facebook group allows for authentic sharing and support. Expect some miracles in your life!

I am a technophobe and this “online thing” is a bit scary. What do I need to know? Although the course content is delivered online, it’s no more complicated than opening an email or calling someone on Skype. I’ll also make sure every step is properly explained (it’s a course, after all!). All you need is Facebook, access to emails and access to the internet. No tech skills required!

This is a great opportunity! I want some breakthroughs, miracles and creativity in my life! How can I sign up? Just go to my payment link here, where you can pay through Paypal. You’ll then be sent all the relevant course details and a link to our closed Facebook group!

Any other questions? Email me at rose@rosebartu.com, or chat with me on the FB chat here!

CURRENTLY NOT available: INTRO to FREEDOM Through Songwriting

I created an INTRO to FREEDOM Through Songwriting course for those who want to get a sense of the course, so you can get started NOW! It’s cheaper and shorter. I want for everyone to have the opportunity to get started in a supportive environment.

💜*Three 90 minutes interactive workshops on Zoom: Wednesdays at 7pm

💜Two 60 minutes Q&As (days and times to be determined with registered students)

💜Access to exclusive FB group to support each other! With a 5-step „field trip“ - finish it and win a surprise gift mailed to you!

💜Weekly worksheets

*All workshops and Q&As will be recorded, you can watch them later if you miss them!

All of this for only a third of the original full price, $175 ONLY (instead of $497 for FREEDOM Through Songwriting, the full 6-week workshop)!

💸 Your investment for INTRO to FREEDOM Through Songwriting: $175

BONUS: When you sign up for the full course you will get a $175 discount & lifetime access!