My lovely Roses,

today I posted this on Facebook: "My voice teacher and producer Steve Greenwell are geniuses! Can't wait to share my new songs! People come up to me and tell me how talented I am, but I am not any more talented than you! I knew by 12 that I wanted to tour the world. I have come a far way and yet have still far to go to reach the people and leaders I want to reach and impact. The journey never ends! Between ages 12 - 19 I didn't take one vacation without bringing my violin to practice, I moved out at age 14 to pursue my dream and crossed the Atlantic on my own. The question is: can you persevere when the people closest to you try to talk you out of it, when every attempt fails, when you end up without a place to live and no family around, loose your gigs, make mistakes and let yourself be manipulated... and the list goes on. How serious are you about your dreams? God will test you! TRUST and keep working on them!"

I can't believe I haven't posted since April! That is nearly 7 months... But I LOVE that the last post was named "Healing the world one song at a time!", because that became the actual link for my crowd fundraiser, and I was busy posting there since April! Click HERE to catch up with me and the 28 updates I posted since April! To read and watch the exclusive updates just pre-order my new EP and get my DESTINY album for free, which was accepted into 10 categories on the Grammy ballots in 2013. I am proud to share that I reached 100% to continue the campaign (until I release the music digitally). But I am still missing $9,000 to have all costs covered for my new EP, so please take advantage of all my cool offers in my store HERE! And I am declaring that I will raise those $9,000 for my costs and an addition $10,000 or more to cover my living expenses and be able to produce a couple low budget music videos! Cause I really want to release these new songs in a way that I can expand my reach!

Not only did I prepare and fulfill on my crowd fundraiser as I mentioned the last time, but I also attracted my absolute dream producer into my life! When I wrote about it in April I had no idea how I should go about that. It was one of these miracles that are so encouraging and confirm for me that I am on the right path! I heard him being interviewed on a video conference call and I immediately knew he was for me! You know when you get that gut feeling or intuitive thought and know you have to act on it! It helped that he played a major role in one of Joss Stone's album (Mind, Body & Soul), which was a major soundtrack in my life for some time!

May I introduce you to the amazing Steve Greenwell, he produced incredible artists like Joss Stone, Diane Birch and Andy Grammer, and many more. Working with him since June has been the most challenging, empowering and inspiring experience in my artist life! I am learning so much, and never have I felt so supported and understood as an artist! I love that we are taking the time to let the songs organically develop, cause there is so much I am learning to implement! If you pre-order my EP you can listen to the recording of our first live recording session together!

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Thanks for your interest in my music and what informs my songs, which is my life and how I observe everything around me!

Live your DESTINY and love fully!

Always your Roswitha