I started to write my 40+ new songs in September of 2014. During that time I was homeless in NYC for 53 days (I was asked to leave after many years in my Brooklyn apartment) and moved 8 times from couch to couch while all my belongings were stored in storage. I am grateful for my amazing friends (NY apartments are small)! It was a very humbling and creatively productive time. I had my Blue Note show (watch some live footage here ;-) during that time, after which I decided I wanted to become a songwriter for other artists. And the songwriting began again...

Little did I expect that along the way more and more people in the industry told me I needed to put some of these songs out myself, because I have such an unique voice and style...

My vocal coach and music business mentor pushed me to dig deeper to create signature songs, in which I share some of my deepest feelings, my shame, guilt, fears, insecurities... Those writing sessions can be excruciating and hard work. I shed a lot of tears as I touched on some subjects that I would rather just ignore. It helps when you have a co-writer and not doing this on your own! But they brought so much healing! I realized I have to look at and move through those difficult subjects to move beyond and grow as a human being. And as I go through that process I will give others permission to get in touch with their feelings and hopefully bring some relieve or healing through my songs to them.

That is why I am an artist and songwriter, to be able to share my experiences and touch people's lives, transform them through my music. It is not about me, I am just the the person through which you can find yourself. I am grateful for each of you joining me on this journey healing the world one song at a time (watch my video here ;-)!

My next step is to go into the studio with an amazing producer to develop the songs so I can share them with you! I produced my Destiny album myself. Now I want to put more minds together, cause I know the result can be so much better! I notice that in my co-writing sessions!

I am preparing a crowd fundraiser and I will need your support contributing and sharing it with others! I can't wait to tell you about all the different opportunities I am creating for you to join me on my journey and be part of my new project, which to me means releasing the most vulnerable songs I have written in my life.

Love and live your Destiny

Always your Roswitha

photography: Jacquelyn Ackeifi, styling: JoRae