To go deeper and become more vulnerable with the world I decided to share the process and my stories and epiphanies with you, which are at the foundation of my songs.

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A few thoughts on some of my song titles of my Destiny album. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts too!

1. It’s Time: I am partially super shy – people never believe me when they meet me in person I started to withdraw at age 3 (remember my last blog?) and followed my mum around all day. Even though I moved out at 14 and became independent at an early age, it took a lot of work to get out of my shell (and over my own decisions I had made as a kid). I started to pursue my dream of singing not until I had finished my music studies… What are you afraid to pursue? It’s Time to live your life un-apologetically!

2. Purpose: I was the good girl, wanted to please everyone and avoided conflict. That is impossible if you pursue your purpose. Now I am working on my Building Bridges vision to foster peace. Are you concerned of what others might think of you and avoiding pursuing your Purpose?

3. Change: I am insecure and afraid to be judged, but we will always get judged, so what! It is time to stand my own ground and share myself with the world. I have overcome a lot and have a lot to share! I have nothing to hide, and no one to protect myself of. Change is gonna come, and it starts with me! How do you want to create Change in your life?

4. My Life: All my life I was seeking my parents’ approval. I found out I am not the only one That just shows me that I truly care and honor them! I know they love me, and all they want for me is to be happy. Living my dreams is what makes me truly happy! Whose approval are you seeking? Are you afraid to live your own Life?

5. Destiny: I am super sensitive. People think being vulnerable is being weak. I believe it is the contrary. It is showing strength! I have to find a healthy balance of being compassionate and not letting things get too close to me. In my song One of Us I processed Trayvon Martin’s killing, it is my anti-gun song. Are you living your Destiny?

6. Here and Now: My homeopath once said to me: you didn’t choose an easy route in your life, you chose to climb Mount Everest (by moving alone over the Atlantic ocean to NYC and living here as an artist). I followed what my heart told me to do, despite the obstacles I had to overcome. Are you following your heart and living your life Here & Now?

It’s Time for you to listen to my Destiny sampler and get all 13 songs for free! Click Here and Now Or come to my next live show in NYC

Love & live your Destiny