It was many years ago that I learned that most successful people have coaches, not just musicians and athletes. Now in those areas I want to grow I seek out a coach. Often that can be painful, you have to let go of the known and step into the unknown, often a very uncomfortable feeling.

In November I put myself in an 8-month Mastermind with 21 other artists lead by my vocal coach and music business mentor Cari Cole. I thought I was ready to go into the studio recording my new album with a producer. I wrote over 35 songs since fall 2014 and refined many of them over the summer. And I love them! My coach was pushing me further, telling me I needed to dig deeper in my writing. Deeper? How much deeper can you go? Of course I didn’t want to hear that… but I believe in coaches, their whole purpose is to tell us what we don’t want to hear ;-)

Somehow the pieces of the puzzle all as a sudden came together for me: I realized it is my purpose as an artist to birth songs that will transform lives. But first I have to go through that transformation myself so I can share my epiphanies with the world in my songs. Most recently I have written several songs that had me in tears while writing them. Digging deep can be exhausting, cause we often don’t want to go to the places that hurt. It is my prayer and wish that I will be able to produce some of them with an amazing producer, so I can share them first with you and then with the world!

Have you discovered your purpose and shared it with others? Do you have someone in your life, who tells you what you don’t want to hear with love so you can grow to your full potential?